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NEW YORK- The Fashion Chronicles Of A Style Meister

Last week, Front Row BCN was fortunate enough to catch up with a New York fashionista who is leaving her mark and forging her path on the New York fashion scene. This style meister has used her wit, edge, and charisma to turn out flawless look after look for her clients, as well launching a cheeky streetwear brand, that has something for everyone. The always lovely and always spunky mastermind behind Stylemeister, Nazya Ayaz, gives us the inside scoop on her life as a fashion entrepreneur in New York. In our interview, we talked about everything from the struggles of entrepreneurship to needy cats. Of course, Nazya makes it look like a breeze, but she assures us is A LOT of dirty hard work.

Nazya launched her streetwear label Stylemeister back in 2016 and credits the inspiration behind the brand to be familiar and iconic brands, “…and while it might have appeared as we were sort of giving the finger to the oligarchy of the modern consumer society, but we were actually paying a tribute to those big brands, that like any independent labels, had humble beginnings and rose into power.”


The brand has caught the eye of many because of its “tongue and cheek” nature and has something for everyone. We wanted to know if Nazya had anything new brewing for us… and she did! Even though she was pretty tight-lipped about her impending project, I was able to get a few juicy details. So what can we expect? A ready-to-wear line for women! “Our future collections will just be geared towards women and would really be focused on classic, timeless pieces with a certain uniqueness, in terms of the aesthetics. You’re not really wearing something that is cookie cutter…It will still be edgy in the sense that it will still be our brand, so it will still have a touch of badassery to it”

Nayza’s own personal style is not that far off from the aesthetics of Stylemeister. “My personal style is actually very uncommitted, just like how I am in my relationships…If there’s anything that I would sort of fall back on, I like to impose the feminine elements say chiffon or lace or tulle, with very masculine and hard pieces” “


We spoke in depth about Nazya’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs as an entrepreneur. She spoke a lot about the sacrifices her and most successful entrepreneurs have to make.”The key struggle is you don’t have a social life…

“I just have a cat, and I find it extremely difficult and she’s extremely needy and I feel like i’m not giving her enough time, the whole point of getting a cat was that she was going to be independent,” Nazya jokes.


“Sometimes, I find i’m literally doing everything, from the creative head, to the operations manager, to the intern who’s schlumping clothes and shoes around. You literally have to do everything, but it’s fine because if it’s what you love doing, then it shouldn’t matter.”

This style meister is not only styling the hell out of New York City and creating a line as fierce and edgy as she is, but she’s doing it the only way she knows how;

like a bad-ass!

You can get your StyleMeister fix on the StyleMeister website, on Facebook, and on Instagram and Twitter at @stylemeister. If you want to check out the latest and greatest with the mastermind herself, follow Nazya on insta at @naztygram.