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LONDON- Sheer Apparel

Green is the new Black. Sustainable is the ‘it’ word in the fashion industry as consumers look for alternatives to the fashion fashion phenomena. Paula, a banker by trade recognised this need and launched Sheer Apparel– a multi brand website that features eco-friendly brands. Her vision was to create a shopping space where her customers could find easy to wear styles that were ethically produced and sustainable.

Let’s take a minute to talk about this girl boss.  Switching industries is never easy and a leap from banking to fashion is quite a large one.

Paula explained to Front Row that she was looking to work more creatively and at the same time make a direct impact on peoples lives and their choices. Her idea is to get the consumer thinking more about quality and  longevity. Each brand featured on the site is carefully selected, offering the consumer a stylish mix of clothing choices to wear for work or to the gym.

Happy shopping at Don’t forget to check out their instagram @sheer_apparel