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BARCELONA- Parisian charm with handbag brand PARIS/64

The Palo Alto market is an out door market place and a great place to scout out for upcoming and very hip new brands. Front Row BCN was lucky to come across a unique and very fashionable brand daring to do something new. Bringing Parisian chic to Barcelona viz a ve elegant handbags and trending blazers- PARIS/64

We sat down for a talk with Maria, one half of the husband wife duo behind this brand.

FRBCN: Tell us more about the meaning behind the name PARIS/64?

PARIS/64 is a name that resonates with meaning. As a city it has a lot of significance for us and the our brand embodies this Parisian chic personality. The number 6 is associated with the duality of the gemini personality (that’s me) and the number 4 has an emotional history as April is the month I met my husband. More importantly, when you add 6 + 4 , you get the number 10. To us this symbolises a winning combination of our products – Bags & Blazers.

FRBCN: Why Bags and Blazers?

We felt that this was a unique combination and represented two very key pieces in any persons look. With the right blazer and with the right bag, styling an outfit can be made very easy and a look can be dressed down or up. We wanted to specialise in blazers and offer the client more quality than what is available in the market currently.

FRBCN: Tell us more about the how your bags are developed?

Our handbags are handcrafted in Ubrique, Spain. This is a mecca for handbag and leather design and a place where most high end brands produce their accessories. We take care of every detail of our handbags and believe in artisanal workmanship. Our clients should know that many details on our bags are hand-painted.

FRBCN: Tell us about developing the print inside the bags? We love it.

It was a complicated process and we did many trials to get the final result. We wanted to combine the mosaic look that is iconic of Barcelona and the Modernism movement, with the Baroque sensibilities of Paris.

FRBCN: Whats next for PARIS/64?

We plan to capture new markets and expose the idea and importance of ‘Made in Spain’ to the world. We want not only cater to individual customers but aim to reach retailers and business internationally.

We are currently working on the new collection and are super excited to launch this soon. The idea of the rhombus shape will feature heavily in our new developments and as always we will stay true to our unique design aesthetic – the combination of vintage with modern.

Check out their instagram RIGHT now @paris64world and the website !