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BARCELONA – Life of a Blogger


Anna Bernmark is a young fashion blogger living in Barcelona. We had the opportunity to interview her and chat about life, fashion and ofcourse blogging! @anna.bernmark

-Hello Anna! Tell me, please, for how long and why did you decide to blog?

I started my blog thoroughly a year ago when I moved to live in Spain. The impetus for creating a blog was the desire to share beautiful locations, stylishly selected images, and the atmosphere of Barcelona. I was also very inspired by Western bloggers, leafing through their tape with photos, I realized that I wanted this too, because I have something to show and to tell.

-What are you guided by when choosing clothes and cosmetics? Did you study specific styles and trends in fashion for this purpose, or is your choice occasionally built on emotions?

-I listen to myself, to my taste, when I come to the store and choose what kind of thing I want I scroll through what it can be combined with and what images to make in my head. I often watch outfits on Pinterest, if I like something I just save it and try to pick something like that. I also subscribe to several fashion bloggers whose style is close to mine and draw inspiration from them. With cosmetics, everything is easier. I have everything I need for everyday makeup. I don’t need more but I also love testing new items from different brands.

– How do you define trends? Do you focus more on fashion or your own taste?

-Not everything trendy is fashionable. And most often, some brand things do not fit into everyday urban life. For this, I am guided by my own taste. For me, first of all, it is important to feel comfortable.

-Do films and books inspire you to create images and posts? If so, which ones?

-Absolutely! I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada and I advise anyone who loves fashion to watch it. Anything can inspire me to create a post — music, good weather, some kind of video. I often watch YouTube, there is a lot of inspiration there.

-Do you have any favorite bloggers?

-There are bloggers who inspire me such as @emily_luciano and @rianne.meijer .I really like the visuals of their profiles.

-What would you advise novice bloggers?

-Do not be afraid! Many are afraid to start blogging because of other people’s opinions or criticism. But this is in vain! After all, we live once and do not need to listen to their desires and be afraid to do what the soul asks. By the way, there are a lot of posts on my topic in my blog.

Thanks for sharing Anna!