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ARGENTINA- The Illustrating Fashionista

FrontRow was lucky enough to sit with the crazy-talented Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator, Paula Bordachar. We talked about everything from travel, to freelancing, to fashion, to working with the government with Bordachar.

Paula isn’t your typical 25 year-old, she is currently based in Buenos Aires and works with the government by day and as a freelance illustrator by night. She isn’t, in the secret service or anything like that! She actually works as a graphic designer for the government, doing presentations and designs. However, Paula has always loved doing fashion-related drawings of her favorite brands and influencers and that’s where her passion lies.

Paula’s International Women’s Day illustration

We wanted to know what inspires Paula’s unique illustrations. “I draw the girls based on photographs, I follow a lot influencers and fashion brands on Instagram and when I see a look or a dress or whatever, that I like I save it for later. I look on Pinterest a lot too, but I have influencers that I really like so I draw them”. Her sketches have also gained some traction from these influencers actually reposting her portraits on Instagram! Just recently, Paula worked with a brand in Argentina to create portraits as a gift to give to the 35 influencers that went to the brands event. “It brought a lot of people. It brought a lot of work too”, says Paula.


With all this new work and new projects, we asked Paula if she had a signature style for her illustrations, for us to know it’s a Paula Bordachar original, “Now, I always make these dots or drawings around the girl. I think they are like my mark or I try to make them my signature.”


Paula gave us the inside scoop about her new projects and her plans for the future. She is currently doing illustrations for a company for 2019 travel journals, as well as trying to build up her portfolio to try and get her illustrations in magazines and bags and T-shirts.

We asked Paula if she had any words of wisdom to share with our readers and anyone that was interested in becoming an entrepreneur, “I think that you have to follow your dreams, be persistent of them. It’s not easy to make a living off of it, to be an entrepreneur you have to work hard and It’s all possible if you dream it. I know it is really cliché. I know an influencer from Argentina, that now lives in New York City and I always talk to her and she has like 80,000 followers. It’s was a real inspiration because she started off on Instagram too and now she works with a lot of brands, so I think that if you put all your effort in this you can make what you want and live off it.”

If you want more of Paula, you can follow her on Instagram and if are interested in collaborating, email her!